Off to the Beach!

Publisher: Child's Play International

Child's Play continue to build on their range of truly inclusive and accessible books with this sensory gem.

Off to the Beach! takes us on a tactile trip to the seaside, introducing a wealth of beach-themed textures, shapes, words and concepts. Sensory delights include rubbery shoes, mirrored sunglasses, spirally shells, glittery sand and a soft fluffy towel. 

However, there is much more than just textures to be touched - this is a book prompting real interaction. A lunchbox lid can be lifted to reveal an array of embossed picnic delights. Pulling tabs cause a pair of feet to slide into the sea to test the water. The day ends, like many a perfect trip to the beach, with a tasty (scratch and sniff) treat. Meanwhile, simple text offers rhyme, alliteration and onomatopoeia, with key objects also labelled in both text and braille.

Developed in close consultation with visually impaired children but also aimed very much at mainstream audiences, this is truly a touch-and-feel book for all.

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