Obsessive About Octopuses

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Publisher: Flying Eye Books

There are approximately 300 species of octopus that live everywhere from oceans to tide pools, coral reefs to seagrass beds and kelp forests to the deep sea. Belonging to the cephalopod family which includes squid, cuttlefish and nautiluses, octopi are truly fascinating. Did you know, for instance, that an incirrata-type octopus (which have no form of skeleton at all) can fit through a tiny gap only slightly larger than its own eyeball? Or that the fiendishly clever Mimic Octopus can pretend to be up to 15 other species such as a sea snake, a lion fish and a banded sole?

Owen Davey’s sixth book in this brilliant nonfiction series (others in the series take a deep dive into learning about monkeys, sharks, beetles, cats and frogs) is as insightful, fascinating and beautifully designed as the rest, with a perfect amount of well-selected information for mid and upper primary school children. This book, like the rest in the series, is a beautiful thing in its own right with high production values that mean it feels really special for kids and will prompt lots of ooohs and aahs at school or at home.

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