Publisher: Nosy Crow

The squirrels are squabbling. He thinks the nuts are his and she thinks the nuts are hers. Badger, Rabbit, Bear and Owl all try to help but soon it’s a full-blown tantrum and the squirrels aren’t speaking to each other. But someone has to be brave and offer to share, and soon the squirrels are happily collecting nuts together. That is, until they find the apples…

This picture book lesson puts pronouns into good practice here, with both squirrels taking possession of the nuts. The splodgy illustrations from Yasmeen Ismail are joyful and endearing. Her style might inspire children to pick up a paintbrush and have a go themselves. The text itself is wonderfully brief and is a great way to practice reading through the repeated words.

A dramatic performance could also make this text a really funny read-aloud and it would be perfect for early years' classroom use, as well as an important lesson to share at home.

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