Nothing Ever Happens Here

Publisher: Usborne

Nothing ever happens in Littlehaven. Izzy spends her time mucking about with her best friend Grace, going to school, and getting excited about Drama Club.

At last, that is, until one day when everything changes: the day when Izzy's Dad comes out as trans.

Author Sarah Hagger-Holt was inspired to write Nothing Ever Happens Here by her research into LGBTQ+ parenting and the result is a sweet, delicate and sensitive exploration of what it is like to live in a family with a trans parent - and how to deal with the reactions of others, too.

But the book is also full of wit and warmth; Izzy is a loveable character, and her varying reactions to the news of Dee's true identity all seem genuine and understandable. Her friendship with Grace, too, is utterly charming (although not always plain sailing).

It's not an easy journey for Izzy, but it's a joy to follow her as she grows in self-confidence and begins to stand up for what's right.

Perfectly pitched, this is a timely, gentle and honest story that will inspire conversations and encourage empathy.

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