Nothing Ever Happens Here

Publisher: Usborne

Nothing ever happens in the small town of Littlehaven. Or does it?

12 year old Izzy was lacking confidence before she met her best friend Grace. Now they are inseparable and she can cope. Settled safely into second year of senior school, she even feels brave enough to audition for the school play. Then her father reveals that he is transgender. Suddenly Izzy’s world is wobbling. What will this mean for the family’s future? What will people say at school? Will things ever be normal again?

The book sees Izzy, her siblings and her parents gradually acclimatise to the new normal, dealing with a few unfavourable reactions along the way, but also finding support in some unlikely places. True friendship and love win through, and the family finds itself both stronger and prouder.

Where LGBT rights are concerned, the author’s own experience, passion and knowledge permeate through every page whilst never preaching. This is a highly readable, touchingly honest and deeply uplifting book that everyone should read.

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