Publisher: Simon & Schuster

Bernard the Robot is playing in the park.  As he walks home, he only gets a short distance before he realises his bottom has disappeared! He rushes back – but there’s no sign of it.  Could it have become a nest for Bird?  Or drums for Bear?  Or a hat for Gary, a window box for Dog? Sadly, no.

Disconsolate, Bernard feels like he’s not a robot, but a ‘No-Bot’.  Then, at the beach, he spots some rabbits, sailing off in something…  Despite his shouts, they disappear. But what is that oddly shaped sandcastle?  Could it be his lost bottom?

Pre-school children find bottoms hilarious and so there's no doubt they will find plenty of entertainment in this picture book. Bold, bright illustrations, and a simple text with plenty of repetition make this great fun to share and read aloud.

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