Publisher: Walker Books

Lina has never been outside the prison camp where she was born, deep in the Russian wilderness. But after a daring escape, she and her best friend Bogdan find themselves on the other side of the fence and on a quest to reach Moscow and find Lina’s grandmother.

Many dangers lie ahead, and not just miles of forest, prison guards and ice storms: an angry ice witch and her fearsome spirit wolves are out hunting, and quickly pick up Lina’s trail.

Are the old, forbidden folktales true? Is magic real? And what does the witch want with Lina?

Set shortly after World War Two, Nevertell is an adventure escape story with an ice queen twist, cleverly intertwining a gritty historical setting with a magical, fairytale-like storyline. It’s an unusual juxtaposition – the harsh world of political prisoners in a forced labour camp versus one of ice castles, spirit children and giant eagles. Katharine Orton pulls it off brilliantly. Readers will be captivated by the peril and dangers that Lina and Bogdan must face, and the underlying themes of magic and storytelling, identity and family.

A magical, snowy adventure perfect for winter nights.

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