My Story: Princess Sophia Duleep Singh

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Publisher: Scholastic

This is the true story of a 19th-century princess without a kingdom. Sophia Duleep Singh’s father, the Maharajah of the Punjab, had his kingdom stolen from him by the British Empire. Later, they took his family too, controlling their every movement.

Despite this, Princess Sophia managed to find the independence of spirit to fight for women’s rights. She joined the Suffragette movement and stood up for Indian soldiers, despite lifelong attempts by the British government to suppress her actions and words.

Princess Sophia Duleep Singh’s fascinating life has been ignored by many other books for children and teenagers about the suffragettes. This has led many to believe that only white women in history cared about women’s rights. Sufiya Ahmed’s powerful and detailed biography puts right that unfair impression. It is an essential book for any school that intends to cover the history of women’s rights. Independent readers in upper primary or secondary school will find it accessible, but it could also be enjoyed by younger readers if adapted by a teacher.

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