Noor-un-Nissa Inayat Khan

Publisher: Scholastic

After fleeing from the Nazis, who have invaded her childhood home in Paris, Noor Inayat Khan vows to do everything she can to end the Nazi terror. The daughter of a Sufi pacificist and descendant of an Indian Sultan, Noor joins the British war effort, first caring for wounded soldiers, then joining the WAAF. Here, she is recruited as a Special Operations Executive – aka a spy.

Based on the life of a real war hero, this is a story of heroism, espionage and resilience. As a radio operative for the spy network, Noor is flown into enemy territory in the middle of the night. She takes on a new identity and begins working undercover to send crucial information back to London. But soon after she arrives, it becomes clear the network has been infiltrated and there are traitors within. She must decide: go home, or continue her mission and risk capture?

Noor is written by Sufiya Ahmed as a brave and fiercely impassioned young woman, ready to give her life. She’s a just and courageous hero, but one who feels fear and makes mistakes, just like anyone else. Noor must make incredible life-or-death decisions and, based on her real life, the story has a hard-hitting conclusion, with some scenes that may be unsuitable for younger or more sensitive audiences. Throughout, Sufiya Ahmed gives an unforgettable voice to a unique hero whose incredible life will inspire generations to come.

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