My So-Called Haunting

(1 reviews with an average rating of 5 out of 5)

Publisher: Piccadilly Press

Life isn't easy when you're a teenager starting a new school in a new city, especially when you can see ghosts all the time, like 14-year-old Skye!

Skye’s psychic gift means that the spirit world is almost as real as her own, so when her equally psychic Aunt Celestine asks her to help out a troubled teenage ghost, Dontay, who hasn’t passed into the next world yet, Skye’s life becomes very complicated. 

Juggling her involvement with the spirit world and a burgeoning relationship with Nico, a gorgeous boy from school, means nothing is straightforward for Skye, particularly when she learns that Nico is not all that he seems.

This funny and occasionally moving story will have great teen-girl appeal – although essentially a light read, it does touch on some deeper issues including the problems surrounding gang culture and bereavement.

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