My Skin, Your Skin

Publisher: Ladybird Books

This important non-fiction book explores the concept of racism for a young audience, explaining what it is and why it is always wrong. It examines what makes people unique, from skin colour to family set-up and religious beliefs, emphasising that these differences make the world a richer place and should be celebrated.

Several examples of racism are highlighted, such as laughing at a person’s hair type or excluding someone from a game because of their skin colour, which will help young children to identify racist behaviour. The importance of anti-racism is also discussed. Children will learn how to take positive action to help stop racism by speaking up if they see someone being racist, making friends with people from different races, and learning about different cultures.

Questions are asked throughout, helping readers to engage with the book and encouraging them to consider how it might feel to witness or be on the receiving end of racism. A useful section at the end provides some practical suggestions about how adults can help support young children to tackle racism.

With colourful pages and engaging illustrations, this picture book carries an essential message that nobody should be disadvantaged because of their race. 

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