My Pet T-Rex

Publisher: Orchard

Kiki, a stone age girl, has a new pet: a T-Rex called Petunia. T-Rexes need a lot of looking after, though – there’s the bathing, the feeding (Petunia eats her own weight in Dino Crunch every day) and, of course, the dino-sized poops. Yuck. In fact, Petunia is actually quite hard work, what with trying to eat other people’s pets in the park, taking up all the room in the cave at night and making a big mess in muddy puddles.

Yet when Kiki decides she doesn’t want a pet T-Rex anymore, it turns out that Petunia is quite a sensitive soul. What can Kiki do to tempt Petunia back – and how can she dino-proof herself so that life is a little less messy in the future?

Fabi Santiago’s colourful, screen-printed art is full of the joy and excitement of owning a pet, and, like any good book about pets, acknowledges that there is some work involved to make sure our animals are safe and happy. Combined with a delightful T-Rex, this is a fabulous picture book that ticks both the pets and dinosaur boxes with a lot of cuteness and laughs thrown in. Delightful!

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