My Pet Star

Publisher: Orchard Books, Hachette

A star has fallen from the night sky and – bump! – landed underneath a tree, where a kind and caring small person finds him. Concerned about his lost glow, she takes him home, cleans him up and introduces him to her world and the things she loves, from books and hugs to ice cream in the park.

But what will happen when the star’s glow returns? As the girl’s friendship with the star grows, it will get harder to say goodbye when it’s time for the star to return to the sky, but she knows that’s what will make the star happiest of all.

This beautifully told story captures the charming relationship between the girl and star, showing not only the value of kindness and caring for others but also of understanding and accepting differences and the star’s different needs. The concept of letting go is shown in an entirely positive way as the star flies back home to watch over the girl from his spot in the night sky.

Rhyming text and gentle storytelling help make this the perfect book for bedtime or snuggling up with; it feels like a really special story and is a joy to read.

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