My Own Lightning

(4 reviews with an average rating of 5 out of 5)

Publisher: Penguin

Annabelle is walking home from school when she’s caught in a summer storm and struck by lightning. Somebody saves her life – she has a memory of them pounding their fist on her heart to restart it – but then leaves. Who was it, and why would they save her life and then disappear? And now, after the lightning, the world feels different to Annabelle: her normal senses – taste, touch, sound – are heightened, and on top of that she can now sense what animals are feeling.

As the summer unfolds, Annabelle tries to understand her new ability and to unlock the mysteries that surround her: not only who saved her life, but her brother’s missing dog, their strange new neighbours, and a devastating event from the previous year.

Set in Western Pennsylvania in 1944, My Own Lightning brilliantly evokes a rural farming community in a time of hardship. It’s a lyrical and beautifully told tale of a young person’s journey towards adulthood, with themes of understanding and forgiveness. Anabelle is a thoughtful and relatable character whose world has been turned topsy-turvey. A quiet but emotionally satisfying read. Although a follow-on to Wolf Hollow, the story very much stands alone.

Please note there are some references to domestic abuse.

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