My Name is not Refugee

Publisher: The Bucket List

One day, a mother tells her young son that they must say goodbye to their old friends and leave home. Their taps run dry, there is rubbish everywhere, and it's just not safe. They will have to walk a very long way.

On their journey, the little boy sees interesting new things and hears different languages. He sleeps in peculiar places and eats strange food. Sometimes it is exciting, but also scary and often very boring. When they reach a safe place to make a new home, the boy must remember that although children may call him Refugee, that is not his real name.

Clear, moving illustrations complement this simple, touching book that explains the refugee crisis in an accessible way. Young readers are asked direct questions at each stage of the boy's journey to help them think about the challenges faced by a displaced child.

Winner of the Klaus Flugge Prize in 2018. 

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