My Name is Book

Publisher: Walker Books

John Agard has created a beautiful history of the printed word which seamlessly combines stories and information. Agard has given 'book' a voice and the reader is shown the world from Book's point of view. The reader is taken on a journey though time learning about the changes to the way in which the written word has been recorded. Positioned throughout the book are carefully selected quotes which succinctly demonstrate the importance of books and reading. Neil Packer's black and white illustrations fit neatly around the text and in many cases enhance the details being explained.

Book introduces itself to us and begins by describing a time before the written word when all communications was spoken. Book then introduces us to times when writing was recorded on clay and the creation of the alphabet. The roots of words such as codex and scrolling are cleverly explained and put into context.

Book explains the role it has played at different points in history and it has been shaped by key inventions and events. The story ends in the present day by looking at the evolution of the book into the E-book. Book looks back upon the way in which the written word has changed over time. Agard had created a collection of information which engages and educates the reader from the first word to the last. If you are intrigued as to how sheep and birds have played important roles in the recording of the written word then this is the definitely the book for you!

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