My Mummy is Autistic

Publisher: Speechmark Publishing

'Our brains work differently. My mummy’s brain hears words slower than my brain...'

And so begins five-year-old Heath as he explains in his own (very young but very wise) words what he has learnt about his mum’s experience of autism. He explains what these neurological differences mean in the reality of their day-to-day lives, providing real examples and describing how they communicate, understand each other and help each other.

Articulating what being autistic is like must be hard for a child or young adult. Likewise, understanding what it’s really like to be on the autistic spectrum can be difficult too, if you’re neurotypical. That is what makes this book so valuable, as it combines a family’s lived experience with a child’s own language and pictures.

Children and adults will relate immediately to Heath’s delightful and vibrant illustrations, clearly drawn at the kitchen table with a big pack of felt-tip pens, breathing further authenticity and life into the text. And at the back of the book, proud mum Joanna herself adds fascinating notes to elaborate on each of his points and provide her perspective.

This is a unique and vital book that clearly came about organically and naturally. A fascinating celebration (and explanation) of differences, particularly around language processing differences.

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