My Mum is a Lioness

Publisher: Macmillan

When your mum is a lioness, it means that she’ll pounce on you if you’re trying to run away. She’ll roar with approval at your school shows and she’ll show you off relentlessly to the other lionesses in the pride, because she loves you so much. Not only that, being a natural athlete, lioness mum will teach you how to chase and leap higher than all the other cubs – but she’ll also always be there to pick you up when you fall.

The delightful sequel to Haddow and Adeola’s My Dad is a Grizzly Bear features a powerful, energetic mum who is very much the centre of the family, cheering on her children and loving everyone fearlessly. The little boy telling the story isn’t always thrilled about some of his mum’s lion-like qualities, but Mum is always there when he needs her, and that’s what matters.

As ever, Dapo Adeola’s brilliant illustration captures the loving family dynamic perfectly and his depiction of a mixed race family is wonderful. A brilliant book about families and the awesome power of mums.

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