My Evil Twin is a Supervillain

Publisher: Nosy Crow

Luke's older brother Zack is a superhero (it's complicated) but when Luke's alter ego arrives from another dimension, it seems it is him (Luke) who has the superpowers and not his brother - you were warned it was complicated!

"Other Luke" claims he needs Zack's help to fight the evil supervillain who is threatening his universe but "real Luke" has serious doubts about his story. Is real Luke just jealous? Or is there a sinister plot afoot that could disrupt the fabric of the multiverse?

Expect utterly incredible battles fought with imagination-boggling superpowers, a stolen spacecraft disguised as a suite of bedroom furniture, tragedy, betrayal, heroism…and an interdimensional toilet.

Packed with more bad jokes than any superhero story should allow, this is the third of a series which, although it can be read as a stand-alone story, is likely to be enjoyed most if you have read the first two.

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