My Especially Weird Week with Tess

Publisher: Rock the Boat

Sam is playing football on the beach when his brother falls into the hole. Which is utterly hilarious until it becomes obvious that his leg is broken – leaving Sam with no one to hang out with for the holiday.

Luckily, he bumps into Tess who seems to have an office in a car park and is looking for a dance partner. And before he knows it, Sam is drawn into Tess’s world; holding a funeral for a canary and hatching a plan to help Tess meet her father. A father who doesn’t even know she exists.

And so begins what must surely be the weirdest week of his life.

Translated from Dutch and set on the tiny island of Texel, this is a warm-hearted, funny and poignant story that celebrates all things weird and will appeal to a wide range of readers.

Tess is strong-minded and determined, with a gift for ingenious planning, but it is her fledgling friendship with Sam, and a fair amount of teamwork, that finally gets her what she really wants. 

Amidst the comedic moments there are some interesting reflections on dying, death and bereavement as well as revealing insights about the true meaning of family.

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