My Dad is Definitely NOT a Crime Lord

Publisher: Scholastic

Needing to hide from a bad guy, Damian’s family have moved to a council estate and changed their names. Damian is now Finn and he’s out of his comfort zone. Back at home, everyone knew who he was, and who his dad was, and was respectful. Here, he’s being bullied on day two.

While former-bad-guy Dad is at his new job at the factory and Mum’s working in the local café, there’s nothing for Finn and his little sister Millie to do all day but hang out on the estate.

Then, when Millie goes missing one evening, Finn meets costumed superhero Star Kid. Not content with finding missing sisters, Star Kid (real name Tel) is determined to take down the estate’s crime boss. And he needs Finn’s help. It’s time for Finn to decide who he wants to be – someone focused on money and image or a real hero.

Full of humour and warmth, despite the portrayal of controlling behaviour, this pacy story also celebrates community and friendship. There are some tough issues explored, such as dishonest lifestyle choices and inadequate male role models and Finn faces up to them with real courage.

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