Mummies Unwrapped

Publisher: Nosy Crow and the British Museum

Fans of ancient Egypt or kids studying it at primary school will really enjoy this guide to mummification, which answers a series of questions such as what embalmers did with the organs they took out of the body, how mummies were wrapped, what happened at a funeral and how they were buried, as well as what happened when some mummies were discovered.

Usually, the subject of mummies is included as part of a wider look at the practices of the ancient Egyptians, so it’s nice to see it being given its own book here, though the information is still on the minimal side. Tom Froese’s illustration is lovely and gives this sometimes grisly subject a light-hearted and friendly feel while still depicting the detail of, for instance, the jewellery pieces sometimes interred in a mummy.

Perfect for mid-primary aged children, this is an attractive introduction to the mysterious practice of mummification, which will doubtless inspire plenty of questions.

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