Moon’s Ramadan

Publisher: Farshore

Moon’s sliver of silver signals the start of Ramadan, the month of peace. She smiles at Earth and watches as people rush to get ready. As she watches, they clean their houses, gather for Iftar, the meal that breaks their daytime fast, and do charitable deeds. The world turns, and she sees Muslims in Egypt, Turkey, Indonesia, the UK, New Zealand, Somalia and several other countries all enjoying the celebrations. Moon waxes, growing larger every night, and enjoys listening to the prayers, and the communities spending time together. She is sad when Ramadan ends and she is new again. But then she remembers that means it’s time to celebrate Eid!

Gorgeous illustrations convey warmth and friendliness, while giving a subtle sense of place in each country. There are a wide variety of people depicted, with different skin tones and body shapes, plus a wheelchair user, and even a child with hearing aids. The overall feeling is one of joy and peace – and of traditions that unite people across the globe. A lovely picture book for a classroom or school library.

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