Mommy, Mama and Me

Publisher: Tricycle Press


What a treat: a warm and adorably illustrated board book about a loving family which just happens to have two mums in it. 

Throughout, the font is clear and bold and all of the colours are rich and striking. Carol Thompson's illustrations are full of exuberance. You can almost feel the giddiness of Mommy on the merry-go-round or the whoosh of Mama and the child as they shoot down the slide. 

Although the book uses the American "Mommy", that shouldn't be a problem, as mums may use different names to differentiate than "Mommy" and "Mama", anyway. Everything else has a fun, upbeat universality to it: the packing of lunches, the trip to the playground, the baking of cakes and the end-of-the-day bath.

In fact, the gentle rhythm of the words and unfolding of routine would make this an excellent bedtime book – and, handily, it all ends up on a goodnight kiss.

Note: There is also a version with two dads. 

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