Miss Hazeltine’s Home for Shy and Fearful Cats

Publisher: Walker Books


Although all the cats who live at Miss Hazeltine's school are afraid of something, Crumb is afraid of everything. Miss Hazeltine teaches Bird Basics, Climbing Up and Climbing Down, pouncing, and How Not to Fear the Broom - yet all Crumb wants to do is hide away in little dark places.

But what will happen when Miss Hazeltine is alone and in trouble one dark night? Can Crumb and his fellow scaredy-cats find their inner Brave and help their friend?

The illustrations in this book have a lovely witchy feel, with lots of blues and purples. Miss Hazeltine is quirky and spirited and kind; the cats are ever so cute.

This is a perfect story for anyone who prefers hiding behind pillows (even Miss Hazeltine has things she worries about), as the cats discover that it's okay to be afraid, but also easier than you might think to be brave.

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