Miraculous Miranda

Publisher: Hodder Children’s Books

Miranda has a Big Imagination and always wins Word of the Day at school. When her sister has to stay in hospital, Miranda escapes into her own fantasy land - Magnanimous.

With giraffe police, ham sandwich trees and a Crystal-Clear Glass Hospital for Getting-Better Children, Magnanimous grows and grows.

As her sister gets worse, things Miranda writes seem to trigger small miracles she has been asking for: her gran stops smoking, horrible Darren Hoey is nice to her… Can Miranda maybe write a miracle for her sister?

This book may sound sombre, but it is actually a very sweet, funny ride. Tackling some tricky subjects, it is always stays perfectly pitched for its audience, guiding them carefully through these serious themes.

At the heart of the tale is Miranda herself: a plucky, upbeat girl who refuses to give up on her hopes and fancies. A lovely salute to imagination and its 'miraculous' powers.

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