Mexikid: a Graphic Memoir

Publisher: Guppy Books

Buckle up for the road trip of a lifetime in Pedro Martins hilarious graphic novel memoir Mexikid. Pedro was born into a large Mexican family in the heart of America and he’s about to experience his heritage in a way he could never imagine! Pedro’s father suggests a trip in the family Winnebago from their home in California back to Mexico on a mission to bring home their legendary grandfather.  

This culturally rich exploration of family and identity is presented in an exceptionally accessible and engaging way, with bright, beautifully illustrated comic strip style pages bringing this epic adventure to life. Brilliantly insightful and full of thoughtful detailing, this is a thoroughly engaging graphic novel that will have young readers gripped right until the end of this epic life-affirming journey. Pedro’s authentic and honest account of his childhood will provide a unique platform for encouraging conversations about immigration, culture, family and friendship. A cross-generational celebration of love and unity and one not to be missed.  

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