Meg and Merlin: Making Friends

Publisher: Barrington Stoke

Meg adores ponies and longs for one of her own, but her parents can barely afford riding lessons at the stables, so she knows it is out of the question. On her tenth birthday, Meg is overjoyed to find a pony in her front garden. Merlin is the most beautiful creature Meg has ever seen, with a gleaming black coat, four white socks and a white star on his forehead. For one, incredible moment, she wonders if he is a birthday gift, before quickly realising that he must belong to someone else and has escaped from his field. The pair develop an instant bond, but Meg knows that he must be returned to his rightful owner, even though it will break her heart.

A moving tale of hope and trust, which beautifully describes the joy and freedom experienced by Meg and Merlin as they gallop across the grass. Aimed at dyslexic and reluctant readers, the slim book features short chapters to help build confidence and stamina. A clear layout and generous spacing prevents pages from feeling overcrowded, while the font is specially designed to avoid confusing letter shapes. Accompanied throughout by gentle black-and-white illustrations.

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