Meet the Wildlings

Publisher: Templar Books

It all starts with a growl. Poppy is playing with Max’s truck and he is cross. He tries to grab it and now she’s cross too. Then – Crash! Flash! Fizz! - they’re not childrenany more. They’re Wildlings – wild hairy creatures who can’t behave in the supermarket, the cinema or the swimming pool. Andthey’re even worseat home! Mum and Dad don’t know what to do. It’s only when Max and Poppy want to go to the park with their friends that they realise they have to become children again. But can they work together to do this? 

This fun picture book – with its energetic, colourful illustrations – is reminiscent of Where the Wild Things Are, because being a Wildling does look quite funactually. Adults will be relieved, though, to see that they do say sorry at the end after all that rampaging. It would be useful for conversations about emotions, because we all have those moments when our anger (and hunger) takes over and we forget our manners. It explores learning to share as well as recognising when we’resimply hungry – and there’s a fun tick list at the back that could be used if a child is turning into a Wildling.  

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