Meet the Weather

Publisher: Bloomsbury

A little girl and her dog soar through the air in a magical hot air balloon, learning about the weather of our planet. Together, we are introduced to clouds, wind, tornadoes, thunder and lightning, fog and snow, sunshine and rain and – finally – a beautiful rainbow.

The jaunty text is great fun to read aloud, and the rhythm pulls you through to the rhyme every other line. The weather is personified, describing itself in a friendly way, perfectly pitched at the child aged 3 and above. Plus there are lots of interesting words to discuss, like ‘gusting’, ‘crackling’ and ‘clammy’.

Bethan Woollvin’s vibrant illustrations are full of energy, and packed with details to spot, such as animals and birds interacting in the scene. The final spread has a summary of the weather discussed, which leaves the reader with a sense of excitement for whatever the day will bring. This makes STEM learning super-fun – useful in nurseries and Reception classes alike.

Mae merch fach a'i chi yn hedfan trwy'r awyr mewn balŵn aer poeth hudol, gan ddysgu am dywydd ein planed: cymylau, gwynt, corwyntoedd, mellt a tharanau, niwl ac eira, heulwen a glaw, ac – yn olaf – enfys hyfryd. 

Mae'n hwyl garw darllen y testun sionc sy'n odli yn uchel, ac mae yna lawer o eiriau diddorol i'w trafod, fel 'gusting', 'crackling' a 'clammy'.

Mae darluniau bywiog Bethan Woollvin yn llawn dop o fanylion, fel anifeiliaid ac adar yn rhyngweithio â'r tywydd. Mae hyn yn gwneud dysgu STEM yn ddifyr iawn – ac yn ddefnyddiol mewn meithrinfeydd a dosbarthiadau Derbyn fel ei gilydd.

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