Me and My Cat?

Publisher: Andersen Press

A witch casts a spell on Nicholas and he wakes up to discover he has turned into Leonardo, his pet cat.

Although initially Nicholas enjoys staying off school and lazing around, after difficult encounters with other cats, and Bernard, the neighbour's dog, he gradually begins to realise that life for cats is 'as tough and complicated as it is for humans'.

Kitamura's books are full of mischievous asides to entertain the attentive reader, such as Leonardo's counterpart the next-door cat, Gioconda, and the highly relevant pictures on the walls of Nicholas's house, which effectively mirror the action of the text.

This is an enchanting and very funny story with delightful illustrations, full of humorous and absorbing detail, which repay careful attention, as well as sending the reader straight back to enjoy the experience all over again. This is classic Kitamura  - a must for the book shelf!

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