Max and the Midknights

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Publisher: Macmillan

It’s the Middle Ages and Max is a troubadour-in-training and travels from town to town with her Uncle Budrick, who makes money from singing songs and telling people stories. The problem is that Max really doesn’t want to be a troubadour – and has some pretty impressive fighting moves much more suited to being a knight.

When Max and Uncle Budrick find their way back to Byjovia, the town where Budrick grew up, his fond recollections of a friendly place ruled by a benevolent king are shattered by a town full of mean people and a horrible new ruler, King Gastley. When the king takes Uncle Budrick to be his new court jester, Max knows she has to rescue her uncle before he runs out of knock-knock jokes and faces dire consequences – but can she – along with her new friends Kevyn, Millicent and Simon – rescue Uncle Budrick, even if they do find help from the rather aged wizard, Mumblin the Magician? And is it fair that girls aren’t allowed to be knights?

This brilliant first book in a new series is perfect for fans of Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Captain Underpants and Tom Gates, with an added historical theme. There are comic style illustrations all the way through, making it a super readable story, and a great sense of humour as well as a classic adventure quest. It’s nice too that the story features a girl heroine and a supportive band of friends focused on doing the right thing.

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