Mary Had a Little Lamb - Classic Books with Holes

Publisher: Child's Play

Being inclusive isn’t only about featuring disabled characters as heroes and protagonists, but also about simply including disability as part of the natural landscape of children’s books.

This lovely book is one of many by Child’s Play, undeniable experts in creating delightful early years books which reflect the true diversity of society in a natural and uncontrived way.  In this particular example, the cast of lively little characters happens to include a child with a hearing aid and another using a wheelchair (shown playing both in and out of her wheelchair). 

It is one of a series of interactive ‘books with holes’ books, which enable children to peek through little die-cut windows as they explore the illustrations.  In this title, a modern take on the traditional nursery rhyme about the lamb who followed Mary to school, we are given a humorous glimpse into the mischievous activities of the other members of the flock.

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