Love Grows Everywhere

Publisher: Frances Lincoln Children's Books

A little girl lives in a bustling city and is surrounded by family, friends, and plants – lots of plants. Plants help bring her family and the whole local community together: whether it’s helping to clean up a mess, giving to charity or being a friendly face on a sad day.

A new family moves in across the street and the boy feels out of place in the new area. Then the young girl brings him a welcome plant and the pair start to spend time together - playing football, climbing trees and reading books. The new neighbour gradually becomes more comfortable in the community and a friendship starts to bloom.

Using a broad metaphor of plants, this charming story illustrates the power of love in families and communities and between friends and couples. The book uniquely connects the nurturing involved in plant care with the love that keeps all relationships thriving. Though the book’s true message may be lost on younger children, the wonderful and bright illustrations from Lee are so full of detail that they can still follow and enjoy the story.

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