Love Frankie

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Publisher: Puffin

You would think Frankie would have enough problems: she’s almost 14 and life certainly isn’t without its difficulties. As her Mum tries to control her developing MS, Frankie is having to grow up quickly. When one of Frankie’s bullies starts to strike up an actual friendship with her, Frankie is unsure what to think. The more they start hanging out, the more Frankie thinks that this could be the start of something more than just friendship. When Frankie’s best friend Sam detects that something is worrying Frankie, he tries to encourage her to talk to him. Will Frankie be brave enough to confront her true feelings? More importantly, will Frankie be happy with the answer?

Love Frankie is destined to be another Jacqueline Wilson classic as it depicts real life issues in a sensitive manner. This is a book which carefully explores a young teen coming to terms with their own confusion about their sexuality whilst coping with the trials and tribulations of growing up. The characters are honest and realistic, making it the perfect story to perhaps help you navigate the tricky parts of those teenage years.

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