Lost Christmas

Publisher: Quercus

Goose wants all his family to be together on Christmas Eve - but then his dad, who is a fireman, is called out on duty. In his frustration Goose hides dad’s car keys, hoping he won’t go. This simple action leads to tragedy for Goose and others too.

A year later, and Goose is lost. He is an orphan: his parents are dead, the rest of his family is coming apart at the seams and he's increasingly involved in carrying out petty theft. All he has left is his dog Mutt - and then he goes missing too. But then Anthony appears - a man who knows nothing about himself but sees and feels the secret pain of all those who shake his hand. How does he know so much? Can he help Goose and the others he meets ease the pain and recover what they've lost?

Set on Christmas Eve, this moving, magical and thought-provoking fairy-tale for older readers makes an ideal story for the festive season.

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