Looking at the Stars

Publisher: Lagom

Lewis Hine is the inspirational teen behind life-changing charity Friend Finder Official, and winner of the Radio 1 Teen Hero Award. He’s achieved amazing things, but Lewis’s everyday life is far from simple. This is his story.

Lewis has had 13 brain surgeries, has a shunt in his brain and has daily epileptic seizures. But he never lets any of these things hold him back. In this memoir, Lewis gives an incredibly open and honest insight into his life, from disability to school bullies to his decision to create Friend Finder, and everything that has happened since. Friend Finder – which connects disabled children together, providing experiences they might otherwise miss out on – changed both Lewis’s life and those of other young people around the world.

With amazing resilience, Lewis perseveres until he finds a solution to every problem. He subtly highlights the ignorances around disability he encounters along the way, with a call to arms to help change this, and ultimately provides inspiration to every reader in how to cope with difficulties, whatever those may be. Highly recommended reading for teenagers and adults alike.

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