Looking After William

Publisher: Andersen Press

The young narrator of this story introduces us to William at the beginning of the book and tells us that she's going to be his mummy for the day. However, if at first we think perhaps that William is the cat, it soon becomes clear that William is in fact the little girl's dad, keeping her occupied with bike rides, swimming, going to the supermarket - and making sure teeth get brushed and breakfast gets eaten.

Eve Coy's watercolour illustrations have the warm familiarity of Judith Kerr in depicting a relatable everyday life, wherein the child has a vivid imagination.

It's lovely that William is a stay at home dad, and even though his daughter thinks he is so clever that he could do any job when he grows up – an astronaut, chocolate-maker or detective – he makes it clear that being her dad is the only thing in the world he wants to do.

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