Knuffle Bunny Too

Publisher: Walker Books

Trixie is excitedly taking her unqiue Knuffle Bunny to show her classmates - only to discover Sonja has a Knuffle Bunny too.

This beautiful day becomes confrontational -  bunnies are confiscated and returned only at hometime. That night, Trixie jolts awake, horrified.

This bunny isn't hers! Phones ring in the early hours, hurried exchange arrangements are made, bunnies are reunited with owners - and somehow, Trixie and Sonja are now the best of friends.

This very funny book works on three levels. The deadpan text ('Daddy tried to explain what 2.30am meant') runs alongside grainily luminous, monochronme photographs of New York, onto which are superimposed spikily drawn, coloured figures and idiosyncratic speech bubbles, creating a wonderfully anarchic, film-like narrative.
Domestic high drama in a nutshell!

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