Publisher: HarperCollins

Look! Here’s a clever book – it’s all about a brother and a sister and their day out to the zoo. We know what they have for breakfast, which animals they see and how they travel around. We even know their bedtime routine and here’s the impressive bit – every single word in the story has a double "o" in it! Zoom. Zoo. Hooray. Bathroom. Shampoo. Book. Snooze. It’s got to be read to be believed. Ooh! Cool!

Fiona Woodcock’s super-stylish illustrations are shown off to great effect in this beautiful book. Telling a story in single words is a great challenge for a classroom activity and this clever book works for the tiniest readers, who will enjoy the colours and shapes, to more mature readers who can delight in the novelty.

Showcasing stunning typography as well as fabulous illustrations, Look is playful, inventive and inspiring. A real visual delight.

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