Llama United: The Team With An Impossible Dream

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Publisher: Macmillan

Tired of selling photocopiers, Tim’s dad has turned to farming. It’s been disastrous, the farm now threatened with repossession. Enter our heroes: Tim, his new friend Cairo, and a team of football-playing llamas rescued by Cairo’s Mum, and now grazing the farm fields. Yes. Llamas! 

Unexpectedly, the llamas play brilliant football. They’ve eaten the ashes of Arthur McLuck, footballing superstar of yore, mistakenly scattered on the field. Maybe Llama United can save the farm?

Tim enters them for the Cup, beginning a journey filled with obstacles, including dastardly fouls and kidnapping. Can Llama United achieve glory?

Arthur McLuck’s narrating voice is very funny, the llamas are hilarious and the cup matches genuinely exciting, whilst the Gray family dynamics are beautifully portrayed.

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