Little Life Cycles: Frog

Publisher: Templar Books

Can you see the jelly dots floating in the water? Inside one of them is Frog! Follow Frog on the journey from frogspawn to tadpole to fully grown frog. There are many dangers to avoid at each stage of life – the egg might be blown away or washed somewhere else. A tadpole could be eaten by a hungry fish. But once Frog has grown legs and lost the tail, and left the pond, there’s a whole world to explore. There are yummy bugs to catch and froggy songs to sing and other frogs to meet… leading to more eggs laid in the water and the whole cycle begins again!

This chunky board book has peep-through holes on every spread, enticing young readers to keep turning the pages. The illustrations are stylish yet friendly, and the text is sparse and simple, and pitched at the appropriate age level. Children will be rooting for Frog throughout! This gorgeous book packs in a lot of information and is one of a series of Little Life Cycles. Look out for Bug and Pip and Drip too.

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