Little Glow

Publisher: Owlet Press

From the window of a cosy house in a seaside town, a lonely little candle looks out onto the world. Throughout the year, the small flame watches on as families use different kinds of light to celebrate Lunar New Year, Diwali, Hanukkah, Ramadan, Halloween and Christmas.

Little Glow is amazed by the bolder bright lights and yearns to light up the skyline in the same way. But as a family gather one evening, the flickering flame realises that even a small, quiet glow has huge importance.

This glimmering, gorgeous book is a gentle story that showcases the amazing celebrations of light across different communities. It is truly a diverse and inclusive book. As well as highlighting many important religious and culture events (without specifically naming any of them), it also includes mixed race families, same-sex parents, children with disabilities, and a range of body sizes.

Perfect for winter night reading, the book’s message of love and togetherness is relevant all year long.

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