Little Frog's Tadpole Trouble

Publisher: Oxford University Press


Little Frog lives happily with Mummy and Daddy Frog, just the three of them. Until he discovers that is he is going to be a big brother - not just once, but nine times, to nine baby tadpoles. Little Frog isn't happy about this. The tadpoles don't do anything: they can't build towe­­­­rs, play drums or even jump. And Mummy and Daddy are always too busy...

But the tadpoles soon become little frogs. And Little Frog then has all sorts of fun with them (they can be built into excellent towers!) and soon loves his nine new playmates dearly!

Simple, but wonderfully expressive, d­­etailed line drawings, and a green froggy font add additional layers of humour to this funny yet reassuring story of new sibling anxiety.

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