Listen to the Music

Publisher: Wide Eyed Editions

Join Sammy and Pip as they meet a range of brilliant musicians across time, and press the buttons on each page to hear samples of the music they created.

From Dugha in Mali in the 14th century, who plays an instrument called the balafon, to the German pianist Clara Schumann, to classical Indian Raga from the 1700s and 19th century Scott Joplin's innovative ragtime, there are lots of different types of music and musical sounds to discover, from different places around the world as well as different time periods. Readers will get a taste of choir music, opera, jazz and classical as well as African and Indian rhythms.

Big illustrations that stretch across the whole page bring the musical worlds to life, showing the different clothes of the time period and an idea of what the instruments being played look like. 

Bite-sized text introduces the music you'll hear, with a little about the person who wrote it and a top tip for what readers might like to listen out for when they play it. A little extra contextual detail is provided on the back page of the book as well – a great introduction to different types of music.

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