L is For Love

Publisher: Walker Books

L is for Love and L is for Lemons...  

This is how the story beginsas one family – Mama, Baba and children – leave their village at dawn to sell lemonsat market in the Nigerian city of Lagos. 

The family have a long journey ahead of them. There are heavy loads to carry, logs to cross, a lorry to catch and lazy lions to pass. When they arrive in the large bustling city, there are loud noises and so many sights to see around the marketplace. And once lunch is over, that can only mean one thing – the long way back home! 

The text in this warm-hearted and joyous picture book is made up of simple, alliterative ‘L is for...’ sentences which cleverly sweep readers along on a journey with the family through the West African landscape. Combined with vibrant illustrations that brim with energy, the book is a feast for the senses and there is plenty of rich cultural detail to prompt further discussion. 

This is a book which can be enjoyed just as much in classroom settings with children learning the alphabet or at home for loved ones to snuggle up with before bedtime. 

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