Knights and Bikes

Publisher: Knights Of

Demelza and her dad live on Penfurzy. It’s a little island rich in myth and legend, where many centuries ago the Penfurzy Knights built a big castle, hid a bunch of cursed treasure inside – and then both they and the castle mysteriously disappeared.

Demelza’s favourite place on Penfurzy is the crazy golf park her mum built before she died, but now her dad’s planning to sell up and move into town, which is a complete and utter disaster as far as Demelza’s concerned. But what if she could find the long-lost treasure? What if she could find out what happened to Penfurzy Castle and break the Knights’ curse? Perhaps then she can save the park and her home. And now that she and her best friend Nessa have discovered a hidden notebook full of secrets about the Penfurzy legend, they might just have a chance…

Knights and Bikes is a fast-paced, action-packed adventure mixing together myth and magic, ghosts and curses, and starring two brilliant main characters. Demelza and Nessa show vivid imaginations, perseverance and determination, getting themselves into all sorts of perilous situations – and out again. Ancient cairns, three-headed dogs, strange mists, living armour… let the treasure hunt commence! 

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