Knightley and Son

Publisher: Bloomsbury

Darkus Knightley is a peculiar teenager: intimidatingly intelligent, distant, and with an odd penchant for dressing in tweed, it might be said that he takes after his father, the renowned private detective Alan Knightley. Yet when Knightley senior recovers from the unexplained coma he has been in for the past four years, Darkus and his step-sister Tilly are drawn into a sinister plot involving a best-selling self-help book, a shadowy group known only as the Combination, and a turbo-charged London taxi.

This is a strong debut from screenwriter Rohan Gavin, which mixes up the conventions of detective fiction to great effect. The twist here is that there are two detectives on the case who must to work together, and not without some reluctance on the part of at least one them. Funny, fast-moving, and with a compelling cast of oddball characters, Knightley & Son is a rattling yarn with a strong whiff of the strange, the occult, and the unexplained.

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