Publisher: Frances Lincoln First Editions

When David moves to Five Hills, he spots all the kites in the sky and decides to try and make one of his own. He uses what he has, just like his Grandpa has taught him to do.

On the way to fly his kite, he meets new friends who help him with the design, advising him on a new string, new frame and new colours. But the kite doesn’t fly and David feels all wrong in this new place. A flash of inspiration gives David a new idea and before long, his perfect kite is flying proudly alongside his new friends’.

A cool modern palette and lively, painterly illustration make this book atmospheric and unique. The scenes of colourful kites flying across the pink and purple skies are really beautiful and the message about being brave, following your own instincts and being creative are useful and relevant to many situations. The text from poet and theatre-maker Simon Mole should be read aloud to fully appreciate the lovely rhythms and phrases.

A gentle story and a very pretty book that would make a perfect present for anyone moving house, school, or even job!

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