Kite Spirit

Publisher: Macmillan Children's Books

When her best friend Dawn commits suicide, Kite's world falls apart. Struggling to deal with her hearbreaking grief, she leaves London with her father to spend the summer in the Lake District - but the strange house and unfamiliar landscape leave her feeling vulnerable and disorientated. Feeling that Dawn's spirit, embodied by an owl, has followed her to the countryside, she battles with her feelings of anger, guilt and sadness, refusing to engage with those around her. But gradually, a friendship with local boy Garth, and making connections with the local community help her to express her feelings and say goodbye to her best friend.

This emotional story about grief and loss deals with some thought-provoking issues that some younger readers may find upsetting - although Brahmachari always approaches her subject with sensitivity and compassion. But Kire Spirit is also a celebration of family, friendship and the power of nature: Kite is an engaging and different heroine, and the Lake District landscapes are full of atmosphere.

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