King Flashypants and the Evil Emperor

Publisher: Hodder Children’s Books

Nine-year-old King Edwin rules his kingdom generously. His subjects are merry, plump and smiley, especially as Edwin gives them free chocolate every Friday. However, when Edwin runs out of pocket money and can no longer provide the weekly confectionery treats, the peasants revolt.

They elect a new leader, Emperor Nurbison, who is a nasty piece of work. He wears a spikey crown, lives in a jagged castle and has perfected his evil laugh, 'Foo Hoo Hoo Hoo'. When he bans all fun, the peasants begin to regret their hasty rebellion. Along with his special helper Minister Jill and Megan the Jester, Edwin goes undercover in an attempt to overthrow the Evil Emperor and reclaim Edwinland.

Divided into chapters and accompanied by hilarious black-and-white cartoon drawings, this slapstick tale is sure to appeal to those who love something a bit silly. The first book in an uproarious new series for confident young readers. 

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